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The Buckhorn

Giants are back! It’s only pre-season but Timmy cut off all his hair for the occasion! Now, he looks like his mom had to drive him to the game but, hopefully, it will change his luck on the mound. Does this mean he’s no longer The Freak?

Best place to watch a Giants game in Boonville is the Buckhorn. Fill your belly with no frills pub-a-licious food and the friendly staff is more than happy to put the game on for you. They’ve also got quite a selection of hand crafted brews and local wine. Don’t quite know how but I’ve already become a VIP there and I’m only on day 19 in this town.

Giants 2-0!

Overheard at a bar tonight:
“Do you know the score of the playoff game?”

“Giants: 2, Losers: zero”

Block Out

OK so DirectTV is the devil and probably run by a bunch of Dodgers fans. Apparently, I can only watch a Giants game here if they are playing the Dodgers. In San Francisco, if you paid for a channel, you could watch that channel 100% of the time, simple as that. But, here, they block out that channel if the Giants are playing a team that is not from the state of California. How is that fair? How is it even legal?

I tell you what, though, Niners fans are all over this state. I’m sure the Raiders following is fierce and we are all afraid of the skull and cross bones emblem. But their fans are not as widespread. Niners fans are too cool to fall for the Nor Cal So Cal clash.


Turned on the TV to watch the Giants and I no longer receive that channel. So, I ventured out to a sports bar. But they were also not able to get the game on their service. Went to a few more sports bars, hoping it was just DirectTV but got the same results everywhere I went. People were kind enough to check but the game’s been blacked out here.

I know I know I should be focusing on wine. Forget about the Giants. I just got myself an extra 3 hours.

Secret of Life

The owner of the horse ranch brought me a dozen fresh laid eggs from the hen house just outside my guest house. She claims a diet of farm fresh eggs is how she stays in shape and keeps a sharp mind. Results like that speak for themselves. She’s had 5 kids and looks amazing. They call her Mother Goose or Goose for short. She’s also got a warm smiling face and infectious spirit.

She’s created quite an oasis here. It really is relaxing and peaceful just to be here. I’ve got a fully stocked kitchen, delightful front porch looking out at the horses, and a wide screen TV with DirectTV, which is the only reason I know the Giants are on a losing streak. But I’m calmed by my new ranch style attitude. Perhaps that’s Goose’s secret of life. I don’t think I’m going to be ready to leave this paradise in 15 days.

Reading Between Lines

Took friends to a winery and happened to be wearing my Giants tank top. But the winemaker said I was brave to do so. Apparently, this is Dodger country. I would assume half and half seeing as I’m not even south of Santa Barbara in what’s well known as CENTRAL California, Central Coast to winemakers. Furthermore, what divides Central Cal from Southern Cal is north of Santa Barbara (Point Conception). A simple Google search confirms that fact. But, apparently, those lines don’t matter to baseball fans.


Just in case you find yourself in Healdsburg without a television set, hands down best places for dinner and Giants game: The Wurst, Healdsburg Bar and Grill, Willy’s Seafood, and El Farolito. You don’t even have to ask them to change the channel. Serious Giants fans; strait up!

The Wurst

After working all weekend, I needed to throw on some jeans to take a break from the computer screen and try a new place for lunch: The Wurst Sausage Grill & Beer Garden. Gotta love the name! The best part of The Wurst is they had the Giants game on (with audio) and gave me free ice cream for wearing a Giants tank top. Healdsburg has spirit!

That’s not the best part! The best part is they source their meat from local farms who have 100% grass fed beef and it is juicy delicious. But really, the best part is the dippers. I couldn’t decide between curry or jalapeno ketchup so I had both. Actually, the best best part is I forgot my stress and had a really good time. I can’t wait to go back and get my Wurst Customer card stamped.

Hello Healdsburg!

Every time I visited Healdsburg, I fantasized about living there. Beautiful cottages line the streets surrounding the square that shape the quaint neighborhood. At the center, the plaza brings the community together and beckons you to join year round events. It was an ideal destination to begin my gypsy lifestyle. It’s also pretty close to home, should I forget anything and, while it is very different than a cosmopolitan city like San Francisco, it is pretty populated and appears to have everything.

Got a cute cottage walkable to the Healdsburg Plaza! It’s unfurnished but the owners have filled the kitchen with all I need for my 6 week stay here. I won’t miss TV as long as I can watch the Giants while I’m having dinner at a local pub, which is also a great way to meet the locals. The neighborhood has plenty of beautiful paths for a run or hike and pilates is just a 2 block walk from home base. I’m set!