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LDT Pinot Noir

If you’re like the rest of us, you’re probably all Pinot’ed out. Sales for this historically mediocre grape leaped so fast and so high over a decade ago that haven’t settled down since. So, restaurants have filled their wine lists with this pale weak juice just to meet the stupefying demand.

Well, LDT doesn’t do anything weak and the proof is in their Pinot Noir. They blend grapes from Santa Lucia Highlands and Russian River to create a dark plum black cherry¬†flavor with plenty of green herbs like sage and layers of spices. The first sniff makes you think of a roaring fire yet the beautiful balance of vibrant acidity and hearty warmth coax you to stop, sit, and savor. This wine dresses up any hearty feast but can still be the playful part of any picnic. It is a welcome reminder of the full potential of Pinot but priced to take business away from the rest.