For a taste of charm in Sutter Creek, stop by the Baiocchi tasting room where Greg pours lively local varietals with Italian style. With a nod to his ancestors, he takes a fun creative approach to winemaking that captures the flavors best for pairing wine with foods. His “Dego Red” is not only a tribute to his grandfather but also shows he likes to have fun with wine descriptions. His tasting room is one of the few where you can get a cool cigar and smoke on the sun kissed patio. Pun intentional.

The tasting went a little like this; Viognier hits you in the nose with lots of caramel. Then, strong acids make your lips smack and mouth water. But the most memorable flavor in this wine is its minerality and stone fruit that keep that overly floral feeling from overwhelming. Indeed, a very balanced wine. Next, the “Dego Red” is a soft, bright, and easy to drink red blend of Grenache and Syrah. Then, the Grenache, Syrah, and Tempranillo G-minor has tight crisp acidity with tart fruit but a smoky back beat, probably thanks to the Tempranillo. His Grenache is like smelling a bowl of berries and waves of tart cherry or cranberry. It craves a barbecue.

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