Every winery has a personality. Even large wineries managed or owned by some corporation can create and market their unique qualities and differentiators. But the wineries that make a huge impact let the winemaker’s personality shine through, making the wine a beautiful reflection of that brilliant character.

A trip to Pisoni Vineyard will wow you. The wow factor here is not only its multi layered and complex wines, which truly express their region’s potential. But the adventurous spirit of Pisoni’s namesake, winemaker, owner, and renaissance man, Gary Pisoni just might change your way of thinking about wine. Pisoni’s unconventional ideas are part of his success. Some are highly confidential yet so entertaining that even he can’t keep them secret. Vineyard practices like picking the leaves off the morning sun side is just the beginning. His theory: all the work you do loves you back when you drink the wine.

Pisoni wines are equally entertaining. The luli Pinot Noir has that unmistakable ripe raspberry and bright cherry that Pinot Noirs love to show off but layers of a eucalyptus log roaring on the fire and toasting nutmeg or chestnuts in the background give this wine complexity. If this sounds romantic, that’s probably because it is; this wine has all the textures you need for a lux meal when you’ve got love on the menu. Maybe luli means “love in a bottle” or “loves you back.”

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