The people at Figge have vineyard experience all over yet they chose Monterey County to make their boutique hand-crafted wines. They’re also proud to explain why they choose this coastal climate. You may think Pinot Noir and Chardonnay thrive on the Sonoma Coast or other coastal areas in this beautiful state like the Santa Rita Hills, Edna Valley, or Mendocino. But you can taste the difference in Monterey County.

Carmel Valley gets a bit more fog than most coastal regions. This brings out Chardonnay’s citrus grassy qualities yet Figge’s also has a creamy body with a long finish. Another Chardonnay they pour has nice crisp citrus with a banana thickness and the armoa of biscuits baking. Their Pinot Noir from Paraiso has the nice plump red fruit we love from this grape with a hint of green herb and earth. But a much more full bodied Pinot comes from Pelio that has a slight floral aroma with nutty spice and even a brambly flavor.  This is a great place to stop for a tour of the county and learn about why grapes adore it.



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