Chock Rock Vineyard

One of the newest tasting rooms in Carmel Valley Village is one you shouldn’t miss, especially if you are a fan of Talbott’s wines. Their wines are made out of some of the same grapes.

Chock Rock pours a Pinot Blanc has nice plush apricot and tart peach with brilliant acidity that make it great with food or simply sipping porch side. A Chardonnay will surprise you with lots of lemon curd and tart green apple acidity yet a creamy body. Their Pinot Noir has black fruit of plum and dark cherry picked on the ripe side but plenty of acidity and structure that shows all that this estate vineyard can do. Then, a Pinot Noir reserve has plenty of that dark cherry with vanilla and a little earth. But its velvety smooth and rich texture is what makes this one stand out. The last one to surprise and not the least is their Syrah. It has such deep purple color it could turn your teeth blue. A little Pinot Noir blended in softens the tannins of this otherwise blueberry cupa coffee. Visit on a warm sunny day so that you can make use of the cool patio in front on the tasting room right on Carmel Valley Road.

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