You may think this winery is synonymous with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and they do serve a tasting flight that includes 3 of each. So, if you’re not a Chardonnay or Pinot fan, you’d naturally skip this one. Well, you would not only be missing some highly well crafted wines you’d also be missing a surprise museum. Their first Chardonnay has such bright pineapple that enhances the soft tropical flavors in a crisp refreshing wine elegant enough for summer sipping or picnics. Their second is all green apple with a hint of popcorn and even caramel next to a toasted croissant. The third brings a little creamy texture with the flavor and richness of lemon curd or a tart apple crisp. The Pinot Noirs start with tart bright earthy cherry yet get a bit more brambly and purple. Their last Pinot has more plum and spice than bright red fruit. So they may only have two varietals but their styles cover the map.

But this tasting room is really a destination on your next motorcycle tour. It is like a motorcycle museum. Owner, Robb Talbott showcases a collection of motorized cycles that amaze even the most classically trained wino. An extra collection on display you’ve probably never seen before is a series of old fashioned pedal cars. You really have to see it to be brought back to a time in your life when this was your primary mode of transportation.

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