Carmel Valley Village

When most people visit Carmel, they go to the charming coastal town called Carmel-by-the-Sea. Years ago, it became all the rage for golf enthusiasts and their shopping travel companions (arm candy). Visitors from San Francisco or the Bay Area comb the streets of this village as if they don’t have enough shopping and restaurants at home. When wine tasting rooms began opening, it turned this quaint town into a wine destination. City slickers may find walking the narrow and sometimes cobblestone streets fun and charming but the locals cling to their old school ideas that homes and stores don’t need addresses.

If that’s a bit too extreme old school for you, head 10 miles east to Carmel Valley Village where it is 20 degrees warmer and you can actually see vineyards. A country vibe awaits and buildings have modern conveniences like street numbers. Mail actually gets delivered! People are friendly and welcoming, unfrazzled by traffic and over congested streets. Parking is plentiful. Shopping and restaurants are all within walking distance of over 20 wine tasting rooms.

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