Temple Ton

Ever wonder why life keeps taking you to certain places? Me either. Instead, it’s probably best to get a little zen, thank your lucky stars that life is such an adventure, and just enjoy where the road takes ya. This month, its a cat sitting gig in Templeton for free rent. What can I say. Wine blogging doesn’t pay! Luckily, he’s a wonderfully fuzzy cool cat. So, I’m enjoying this town all over again!

Templeton is such a quaint town with a ton going for it and tremendous potential. Even though it is located between two larger towns, Trader Joe’s chose Templeton as a location over its neighbors to the north and south: Paso Robles and Atascadero. It also has quite a few great salons, restaurants, and shopping all in a strollable downtown area. Its short distance from Paso Robles makes it more than just an overflow location. It could become a wine destination all its own for those who prefer cooler breezes and less traffic. A newly opened wine bar is now thriving on Main street beckoning others to follow. More on that after I test it.

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