Deep Sea

Many claim to have amazing views from their winery tasting room and we’re all drawn to them because it adds to the soothing sensation of wine tasting. But few have ocean side views in all directions. Deep Sea’s tasting room is on the Steams Wharf of Santa Barbara’s notorious State Street where you can view the stunning harbor, “Santa Barbara Riviera,” clear blue water, and mountains from a sunny breezy deck.

But they’ve got more than one reason to visit. Their Chardonnay is bright and tart, hitting you with lively green apple and a bit of creamy lemon meringue. Pinot Noir loves proximity to the ocean and theirs has developed gritty earthy textures with a bit of eucalyptus. But bright cherry with whipped vanilla cream is what you feel when sipping this beauty. Their red blend is a uniquely exciting concoction of Syrah, Grenache, Petite Sirah, Merlot, and Lagrein. They could label it as Syrah because it is 89% that grape but they choose to emphasize its blend because each grape brings its character. Plenty of bright berry and plum flavors are enhanced by cherry, spice, cinnamon, cedar, and a hint of eucalyptus. Lots of layers! This proves that Syrah mixes well with strangers! Their Zinfandel has dark jammy slightly overripe fruit with a little cocoa that makes it worthy of serving for dessert. However, their dry farmed Zinfandel has that same big fruit with less jam or raisins. Instead, its minerality dominates with balanced black cherry, spice, and earth. Taste these side by side for a sampling of these styles.

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