Using techniques that are centuries old, Whitcraft Winery has been producing old world style Pinot Noir and Chardonnay since 1985. Pressing in whole clusters and fermenting with wild yeast takes commitment to making wines for European palates. With very little manipulation to their juice, their wines are clear and crisp with lower alcohol levels. They begin with a Chardonnay that has the best balance of old and new worlds. With tart crisp acidity it wakes up your taste buds yet has a creamy texture and finish.

They believe a wine should taste like its terroir, the place where the grapes were grown along with all the unique characteristics of that place. Their Pinot Noir from Santa Maria has crisp tight acidity with a thin layer of fruit and spice. Another Pinot Noir from Anderson Valley has tart cherry, raspberry, and eucalyptus with a whiff of fresh mint. A taste here makes for a great comparison of what these regions contribute to this noble grape.

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