Grace Patriot

So many locals recommend Grace Patriot Wines, your curiosity alone drives you there. The minute your feet hit the ground, you encounter the red dirt that give their bold wines character and intensity. Each wine in the line up was bright, bold, and memorable with long velvety finish.

Their rose of Tempranillo had big ripe luscious strawberry flavors but none of the sweetness. It could go with any food pairing. Theirs is the first Pinot Noir found in this region as many have said its one of the few that cannot grow here. Theirs is a wonderful holiday wine with spice and fruit of cherry, strawberry, and pomegranate yet restrained earth. Then, their Tempriano is a creative blend of Tempranillo and Graciano! Wow, the lux dark cocoa and leather from Graciano stand up to the plum and dark cherry of the Tempranillo. This is a biggie and matches up to your biggest richest meal. Finally, the Cabernet Sauvignon blend with Syrah was also a meaty well rounded combo.  Its tannins were present and slightly chewy but did not overpower. These two grapes are like a warm friendly couple. The backbone of the cab needed the body and fruit of Syrah and the Syrah’s blue velvety texture needed the structure of the cab. Well done!

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