Charles B. Mitchell

Charles B. Mitchell definitely gets his winemaking inspiration from Europe. After visiting some of the world renowned wine regions, he has adapted their most impressive practices at his winery in Fair Play, California with delectable results.

All this research and traditional methods is probably why he decided to make a dry rose using Merlot grapes. It starts with strawberry and plum on the nose with crisp tart cherry that waves over the tongue. His Fume Blanc has that fresh crisp green apple nose that promises refreshment. Then, tart pineapple and citrus take over, typical for a Sauvignon Blanc. Yet, the extra-long finish is probably due to the smoke of the barrel; that’s the “fume” in Fume Blanc doing its stuff.

With respect to Tuscany, his Bella Rosa is a lively table wine made from a blend of Sangiovese and Merlot. This super-duper Tuscan has vibrant berry, cherry, and strawberry fruit flavors with big bold body and a hint of smoke. Its long velvety finish makes it a great pairing for meaty pizzas or succulent sauces over pasta, yet, unlike most Italian wines, it really doesn’t need food. Finally, their estate Merlot has a slight floral scent on the nose with a body of big plump cherry and a long warm finish.

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