Miller Vineyards

Put Miller Vineyards high on your list of wineries to try in El Dorado county not just for their big beautiful wines; their tasting notes are also worth savoring. Wine geeks enjoy reading all kinds of tasting notes but their notes categorize what you experience in the order we’ve been schooled: color, aroma, palate, and finish. The school I’m referring to is the Wine and Spirits Education Trust so I cannot speak for the Master Sommelier program. But I imagine they all dissect the various attributes of a wine using a similar method.

Perhaps they haven’t updated their website in a while because it is missing tasting notes on their Chardonnay, which had a dominant banana flavor. It also doesn’t have tasting notes on their Cabernet Sauvignon, which had the most well balanced flavors of ripe luscious cherry bathed in cocoa.  Their rich velvety Syrah and their elegant Petite Sirah will make you wonder why you haven’t tried black currant and chocolate at the same time before. Clearly, these winemakers care about your tasting experience and want you to explore the wines here as far as you can. Ain’t that what it’s all about?!

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