Smith Flat

Few places can really wow you while giving you a sense of history like a gold mine converted into a restaurant. Pictures won’t do the clay, rock, and, mortar walls, watering well, or the gold mine itself justice. So, try to use your imagination. Or, heck, visit the restaurant yourself. Perhaps this is all the encouragement you need.

The food is the reason to try this uniquely designed restaurant. Farm fresh to table is easy to do in a wine region because they obviously have the soil and climate to grow succulent produce. But their menu actually lists the local farms they use to prepare their dishes.

The Black Butte Porter Stew was like slow cooked beef in a rich sauce with potato and root vegetables. The Wild Mushroom Ceviche could have been too rich but the citrus marinade brightened the dish and the golden Balsamic reduction balanced the thick polenta cake.

Nothing soothes a cool crisp fall day like a rich warm risotto. This one had roasted pumpkin that was blended smoothly into the rice but sweet basil all over gave it a vibrant gusto and a dollop of mascarpone in the middle tempted you in case it wasn’t already rich enough. The Muscovy duck special was cooked perfectly and bathed in a rich sauce.

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