More of El Dorado

A few days in this blossoming wine region clearly was not enough. The weather in El Dorado county is fantastic, the people are friendly, the wine is amazingly delicious and almost always has soft silky tannins. Then, there’s the food. If I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again; wherever there’s good wine, good food is sure to follow. The restaurants in this town could be dangerous for my delicate wine glass figure.

The most inviting about this area is its proximity to just about anything your heart desires. ‘Nuff said about wine and food. Tahoe is and easy 35 minute drive from Placerville and so is Sacramento if you crave the concrete jungle or need staples like Sephora or Trader Joe’s. Napa wasn’t even 2 hours away. The Bay Area and all that San Francisco has to offer cannot be that far away. What makes it best for weary travelers is that they even have their own airport. Fly in, taste responsibly, eat well, and fly home. Boom, your next wine destination decision is done.

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