I don’t know where the Brassfields got their panache, but their beautifully rustic tasting room and gardens, set beneath layers of colored mountains sure tell a story. If these local walnut wooded walls could talk, they’d speak of a sickly child whose life was saved by specialty vitamins and the business born after a miraculous recovery.

All these words can tell you about is the delightful wines. The first wine poured wows you with big gripping citrus but a nice body and long finish, rarely seen in Pinot Gris. Then their Sauvignon Blanc has lovely fruit of melon and green apple with a bit of white pepper. Their Serenity is a slightly sweeter white blend served best with your favorite spicy dishes.

Then, the reds start with a Pinot Noir that has a slight hazelnut scent, which may be a hallmark of Lake County Pinots. Its big ripe cherry and nut body jump start your taste buds while the long finish keeps you thinking of it. Their Cabernet Sauvignon leads with Bing cherry and a hint of bell pepper with another long velvet finish.

Finally, their port style late harvest Zinfandel is fortified with brandy. But it is the brandy made out of their own Zinfandel! So, it is an estate port style wine and a great finish.


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