Shannon Ridge

Keeping Lake County clean, Shannon Ridge fertilizes their vineyards naturally with sheep. The sheep eat the grass and weeds, provide wool products, and keep the families fed naturally with healthy grass fed lamb. If you’ve never had grass-fed lamb, make sure you buy from a small producer like Shannon Ridge and it wouldn’t hurt to try the wines while you’re there. Their motto says it better than I can:


It seems like laughing lambs are better than happy cows. Their Chardonnay has a delightful body of acidity and big vanilla. Lake County is known for Cabernet Sauvignon because the soil and weather provides wholesome earthiness and crispness to shine through without tight acidity. Theirs are very balanced. Also, their Petite Sirah had a hint of blueberry and soft tannins, which is unusual for this grape and might also be a product of the terroir.

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