If you like a good dry rose, Alderbrook has one that smells like a Grenache yet finishes like a Syrah. It’s got that tart strawberry flavor with a creamy body and a hint of white pepper on the finish. Because it was barrel fermented, it has that tangy flavor without real tart acidity. This means it can stand up to rich barbecued and cured meats as well as rich salads and pastas.

They’ve also taken on the bold task of making a Carignane. Theirs are from old vines with those haunting tart juicy blueberry flavors and a body like mocha. The strong acidity in this wine makes it great for tri tip summer sandwiches. If you get there soon, this wine is at a remarkable $70 a case. If you can’t find a friend or two to split a case like this, go get some more interesting friends!

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