Clos Solene

If you are a fan of French style wines and winemaking practices yet you love Paso juice, make sure you check out Clos Solene. You can taste their wines at the Paso Under Ground tasting room right on the square in downtown Paso. Like me, you may have lasting thoughts about them for days.

One reason is their Hommage Blanc is bursting with succulent juice and has a long lingering finish. If you’ve never tried a Roussane Viognier blend, this is the place to start. But if you’re a fan of these white grapes, this is a great example of how they are best represented. Their Harmonie is not just your typical GSM. Their version of the historical blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre has pronounced fruit, vibrant acidity, and a finish you’ll remember after you’ve left the room. Finally, their Sweet Clementine is a dessert style wine without the heavy sugar aftertaste or overwhelmingly high alcohol. All these wines have the balance and elegance to epitomize French Paso style.

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