Latin for limestone, Calcareous produces rich velvety wines from vines grown on this rich soil. Their hilltop tasting room just off Peachy Canyon also has breathtaking views, a soft breezy climate, and an inviting picnic setting. Wednesday nights they fire up an outdoor oven and serve pizzas with their wine along with live music. They also have a full kitchen for food and wine pairings by Thomas Hill Organics.



But the wines are really the reason to visit:

  • Lily Blanc is a Rhone white blend with big body and a long finish that lingers with beautiful big melon and peach flavors.
  • Vin Gris of Malbec is a full bodied dry rose yet bright with strawberry and cherry. An amazing pizza wine on a warm night.
  • Grenache Mourvedre blend has a slightly smoky dusty nose of berry and plum with pepper and spice.
  • Tres Violet has a splash of smoky berry and plum with a long finish that has a tiny bit of licorice.
  • Syrah has tremendous flavor and balance with plum and berry yet a soft supple leather texture.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon has a deep purple color from a splash of Syrah but its plum, cherry, and berry is rounded out by dark chocolate, cassis, and a whiff of smoke.

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