Burbank Ranch

Finally, downtown Paso has a tasting room that serves a full lunch and dinner! Not just a full meal and fab wine, but unique eats too. The chef has a flair for flavor, making three different kinds of bruschetta including goat cheese, prosciutto, and melon with chives. A grilled cheese may sound like it’s been done before but theirs have either pastrami or Buffalo chicken and Muenster cheese with 1000 island dressing. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, you really should check out their cheese plate with cheeses you can’t even pronounce.

But stay a spell for the small hand crafted wines. They pour two different rose wines suitable for two totally different palates. The Grenache rose has bright red fruit with a juicy mouthfeel for savory and slightly spicy dishes while the Zinfandel rose has an earthy fruit flavor with succulent citrus and white pepper that make it better for rich dishes. Their Syrah is ideal for a picnic or for sipping standalone. It’s as tasty as a cocktail with a hint of smoke. Their Cabernet Franc is sure to draw a cult following for people who love this grape on its own. It is dry with tremendous texture.

I’m also told they plan to have live music. Also, construction under the building may mean another nighttime establishment to check out or watering hole. Go, Paso!

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