Pithy Little Wine Co.

You may have passed this cute shop on the corner of 13th and Pine in downtown Paso Robles and thought it just sold wine trinkets or funky collectibles. You’re probably right, they are full of wine gadgets. But who doesn’t need a Corkcicle?! It is a skinny frozen tube with a cork at the top to put in your white or chilled wines and keep them chilled from the inside out while preserving them.

Other than interesting tools, they also have everything you’d want for a picnic basket and some gourmet treats. They’ll even let you taste before you buy because they know all their stuff is delicious. But, my favorite part is they make their own wine and they’ll let you taste that too. Check out the cutest little pithy box served with your wine tasting:


Inside is something for each wine in the tasting flight. What’s interesting is how well crafted their wines are. A little pricey, but their Sangiovese has the beautifully complex tart cherry and plum with bright acidity but tremendous body. It is a powerful pairing for the rich cheeses offered in the pithy little snack box.


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