St. Amant

Many California ports are made out of late harvest wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Syrah. But a true port is made out of traditional port grapes like Touriga Nacional and Tinto Cao; in keeping with tradition, they are also fortified. St. Amant respects and extends this tradition. They are not just flirting with Portuguese varietals; they specialize. Their ports have that bright velvety texture like ones from Portugal. Their tawny has delicious cocoa and dark smoky fruit that you get from extended aging.

A tasting at St. Amant started with a light crisp refreshing white wine called Verdelho that you’d love if you are looking for a refreshing change from buttery Chardonnay or mineral rich Sauvignon Blanc. Their Souzao is a bright red wine with tight yet plump fruit flavors. Its plum and berry attributes contribute to its purple color. Their Speakeasy blend contains Zinfandel planted in 1901. These older vines produce plush rich body in the wine to suit any meal.

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