R & W Vineyards

Gotta love a scientist gone winemaker! They do things a little differently. The R and W in R & W Vineyards come from two scientists. To find out if this means double delicious, visit their winery in the Cupertino hills off Montebello just next door to Silicon Valley. These unfined and unfiltered wines have the thick crimson texture of a nectar. You can probably credit their long time in French oak barrels for that. But they also spend 3 weeks on the skins, the part of the grape that gives wine its color, tannins, and polyphenols. So, I’m no scientist, but might say their wines are healthier than most.

The flavor of their wines is better than the texture. Their Merlot, from “Mont Du Paix” meaning Mountain of Peace has a warm but lively and elegant character. The fruit is sumptuous but not overwhelming so you can feel its texture while you taste its character. A great balance!

Plus, check out the kind of deets you get on each wine label:

RW Label

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