In a beautifully restored schoolhouse dating back to 1909, this winery serves some unique white wines and big bold Burgundy style reds. The Gruner Veltliner is a light crisp white wine with good citrus and apple flavors wrapped in the thickness of a melon yet a touch of light white pepper on the finish. Theirs is the only grown in this valley although they sell some of these grapes to other winemakers. They also have the only Albarino grapes in the valley, which they use to make a lovely white wine a bit bolder in body with banana flavors but still tight crisp acidity.

They are known for their big Burgundy style Pinot Noir, which is made from a blend of vineyards. But what may surprise you is the Syrah. If you’ve grown tired of big huge over-the-top Syrahs, coastal climate Syrah style may bring ya back. Their fruit is delicious yet balanced to show off many layers of complexity.

These people are stars of the brand. It’s all the same winery, but some wines are under different labels. So, they not only pour Baileyana wines, but also Cadre, Trenza, Tangent, and my favorite, Zocker. All great names with good brand recognition. All great wines!



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