Drink Locally

It’s only day 9 in SLO town but there doesn’t appear to be much support for local wines in bars and restaurants downtown. A neighborhood wine bar does a flight of whites. That’s a bunch of white wines, which would be prevalent in a coastal region like this. Yet, this flight had wines from their neighbors in Monterey and Santa Cruz.

Other local bar and restaurant menus had wines from Paso Robles, Santa Barbara, and Santa Rita Hills. Although these are all Central Coast regions, local SLO establishments like these prefer wines from neighbors of Edna Valley right down the street. When restaurants promote the farm to table shortest length of travel for their produce and ingredients, you’d think the same travel time would save the planet for the wines they offer.

Every Thursday night at Central Coast Wines, a winemaker pours wines in person to showcase their creations and talk about their craft. Even though this wine merchant is more like a shop, their “Meet the Winemaker” night makes it the closest thing to a tasting room in downtown SLO. However, last week’s wines were from Monterey and this week’s are from Paso. Perhaps next week’s showcased wines will be from Edna Valley.

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