Some wine growers and winemakers only grow grapes. They often grow many different varieties of grapes but don’t challenge their farming skills with other produce. Others take a more holistic approach where the grapes are just part of an omnibus of farm fresh and organic produce that they cultivate.

With generations of farming experience, Talley Farms started by offering locals what they call a “harvest box” containing a weekly supply of fresh picked fruits and vegetables. The ingredients change to take advantage of the best of the seasons. But all are small production, carefully manicured, and locally grown. These boxes even come with a creative recipe designed for you to show off the harvest box goodies. Weekly subscribers must feel like it’s Christmas every week for the healthy and pure.

With their grapes, Talley Farms started Talley Vineyards to specialize in Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines from their unique coastal climate. Without a doubt, wine club members from any winery get excited to pick up their wines. But, Talley wine club members must also be inspired by the bounty of colors in their harvest box, proud to support a small business, and confident to live longer lives on fresh local ingredients.

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