Witching Stick Wines

We all need a little help from our friends. Their diversity creates balance and structure. What works with people, we see in nature all the time. Can you tell yet I’m still pondering the wine I had last night? The first was a Chardonnay with tremendous diversity of flavors and textures that it was balanced and complex enough to start and finish any meal. Its lemon citrus and crème brulee are what grab you at first but it moves on to a hint of minerality with soft summer fruit and then finishes light with little or no sugar aftertaste.

Many different layers of complexity naturally form in a field blend. It’s not a wine blended from different fields. It is the wine made from a single vineyard that has different grape varietals growing side by side. Witching Stick’s field blend is from a Zinfandel vineyard that has a few Carignan, Grenache, and other varietals throughout. All vines are harvested and fermented together just like other vineyards. Yet, it is called a Zinfandel because that grape dominates the blend and vineyard.

What’s in your glass is a bit more elegant than a blend that was made of different juices or simply blended wines. And it makes sense because of their close-knit living spaces and relationship. These vines are like your wingman, teammates, or backup singers. The vines share the same soil, sunlight, wind, fog, and all the elements that contribute to flavor. Yet, they have their own personalities and diverse flavor profiles. So, the Grenache brings a beautiful bouquet of flowers and harmony, Zin has strong fruit and acidity, while the Carignan is the base that keeps the beat going.

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