Big Basin

A visit to the Big Basin tasting room in Saratoga is not like any other. Because everyone on the team is passionate about what they do and wears lots of hats, you get quite an education, not just about the wines but the viticulture area, history of the land, and harvest. It’s clear they honor the land that produces their grapes and believe strongly in the Santa Cruz Mountain’s potential for Rhone varietals. Their powerful and complex yet elegant wines show this integrity.

Located just a short drive from Silicon Valley, the vineyards are on mountain hillsides that cool naturally by consistent ocean breezes. Yet, because no vineyard has the quick ramp up time of a Silicon Valley start-up, the fruits of their labor are evident now and prevalent in the years to come. History tells us that winemakers, winegrowers and viticulture gurus achieve greatness with similar practices. Big Basin seeks the advice of esteemed mentors, honors the history of its land, and respects the grapes too much to manipulate their juice. Get in on the ground floor and start collecting these creative juices now.

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