Le Cuvier

La Cuvier lives the credo “it ain’t what you do it’s the way that ya do it.” They don’t just make an exquisite Chardonnay; they make it like a red. They ferment this wine on the skins giving it a rich golden color with the flavor and thickness of crème brulee. Their Bordeaux style also has a unique history because they blend portions of the previous vintage in the wine each year like the Solera system used to make Sherry, Madeira, or Port. Not sure if that’s why but it sure perks up your mouth with flavors that range from smoke, spice, and dark cherries.

But their tasting service experience is also distinctive. They pair each wine on the list with a morsel of food that is as unique as the wine.

Wine pairing food

Bet you’re wondering what all this is…

La Cuvier Pairings

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