Harvest Weekend!


Beautiful grounds and view. They also have an estate chef with a creative spin on food and wine pairings that will make your mouth water. If you want the clean, cushy, opulent winery experience in Paso, this is definitely the place. Beware of crowds, though.

Alta Colina

When more than one local recommends a winery, it should go higher on your list of priorities. Alta Colina was like a breath of mountain air, not just because of their wines but their timeless father/daughter operation.  When families work well together, a heightened sense of pride comes from whatever they produce. This close knit family produces wines that are likewise held tightly together and characteristically remarkable.

What gives them their boost is the Alta in Alta Colina. High on a hill top, their grapes get more sunlight as they peak above the fog layer. Fog in Paso? Not very often. But it happens everywhere.


Wherever you like their wine, ask them to recommend a few other places to go for wine. Alta Colina recommended Rangeland. She cautioned it would be a hike. But I thought she meant on foot, which I’m happy to do. And she said they raise their own grass-fed beef and were serving sliders. So, I was tempted. But it’s way way way off the main road, not sure about going over a river, but through the woods most definitely. When you get there, it’s almost like grandmother’s house. A warm, loving, family invited me into their home for a taste of their hand-crafted wines.

None disappoint. All are deliciously elegant with wonderful typicity. Their cab has the big body you expect from the king of grapes yet balanced acidity and succulent fruit. Perfect for a light juicy slider. The ground beef has flavor I’ve never tasted and the lightness of mountain air.

Harvest weekend has been really fun here today. But, for the first at my home base here in Paso, I had to park like 2 blocks away. Having just written that, I realize it probably means I am no longer a San Franciscan. But here’s the equation:

SF + 5 blocks = Rock Star

Paso + 0.5 blocks = Rock Star

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