Nothing’s as refreshing as someone who loves what they do. Especially if you can drink what that they do. Alex Villicana is one of those people. He’s not only making delicious wine, he’s distilling it. To be fair, he’s distilling juice. Some of the juice becomes a byproduct of the winemaking process because it is removed to improve the wine quality. Villacana gathers it and distills it into delightful liquids like Brandy, Gin, and Vodka. Now, his neighboring winemakers are contributing their extra juice to distill. If you are all for reusability, seek out these special spirits under a label called Re: Find.

Alex Villicana


If you’re afraid it may taste like grape flavored vodka, remember vodka can be made out of any substance. It is distilled down to no flavor. Does it taste like potatoes?

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