Fe Nom e Nal

You gotta try a place with a name like this…if just to see if it lives up to its name. What’s phenomenal is its flexible menu. They keep the local favorites on the menu all the time. Yet, are constantly changing things up. Chef’s Choice is a fresh menu item of three tapas with a special bevie of the day. Love bevies, especially bevies of the day. The tapas, which may even include a desert, are creatively prepared to enhance the flavor of the bevie and vice versa.

What’s more phenomenal is how inventive and experimental the chef is. He’s like one of those kids that loved to play with his food. He may have been one of those science camp students who also loved to cook or eat. I’m sure there’s a fancy French term for it, but they served me a free bite sized morsel with watermelon, sweet soy, cilantro, and something crispy and refreshing on top. Owner told me the crispy thing was a basil leaf that he covered in some flower substance and turned into a cracker by like freeze drying or something. Outstanding! I mean phenomenal!

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