Tablas Creek

If you’ve heard of any winery in Paso Robles, it’s probably Tablas Creek. That’s not by accident. The family has deep roots in the Paso wine country and has become part of the landscape. They were not only amongst the first 20 wineries to get established here, they planted Rhone cuttings that have become invaluable to other winemakers all over. They began producing Rhone style blends like Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedre but quickly realized how evocative these grapes were on their own. So, they started doing single varietal wines with amazing distinction.

When talking about deconstructing Rhones, Jason Haas not only tells the amazing story of his family’s history here, he also lets you experience what each grape contributes to these famous blends. Now, we all know that Grenache brings bright fruit while Syrah has full bodied flavor and Mourvedre has got that chocolate lengthy finish. But Jason took it down to another level, isolating how the tannins of each grape hit you in the front, mid mouth, or chewy soles of your gums, each dancing at their own beat, making quite a symphony.

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