Monthly Archives: September 2012

Pilates Please

Someone could really make a killing opening a cute clean pilates studio right in downtown Paso. Nothing similar is here. As a matter of fact, there doesn’t appear to be any workout spots at all in downtown Paso. I don’t even care if you don’t give me credit for the business idea. Please, steal my idea and open a pilates studio!


Il Cortile

I absolutely must find out how they make their pappardelle with wild boar. They toss buttery warm rich fresh pasta in saucy goodness. It can’t be too hard to reverse engineer because I was able to get most of the ingredients out of the waiter. I had to tell him I was allergic to mushrooms and seafood, which is totally true except for the allergy part. So, I’m pretty sure the sauce doesn’t get its richness from the shroom family. And I remember being excited because the sauce was a reduction of some kind of wine. I just need to go back and figure out what kind of wine…or fake another food aversion.

It’s not like I’m going to try to make it at home. The pasta was made fresh. What home chef has that much time!?

Haircut 100

Desperately need a haircut and have been asking around but don’t know who I can trust. So, I stalked girls downtown for a little bit but most wear their hair in a ponytail. Funny town! Finally, I found a girl working at a clothing store named Ansha (it’s dutch) with a cool racy haircut that she just got yesterday at a place called Twist (I know, I thought it was a bar too). So, I swung by, got an appointment with the same girl, same day! When does that ever happen!?

I think she did OK but I probably won’t return. If you know of a good hairdresser in Paso, please post a comment.


Pilates in Paso

Haven’t found Pilates yet. I’m on the West Side a few blocks from the square downtown and one studio in walking distance had 2 machines and charges $45 for a private session. Ouch. Another spot near downtown only has 2 classes a week: Monday and Wednesday nights.

Here, Kitty Kitty

In Santa Ynez, everyone in the neighborhood had a pet dog. Here in Paso, I just see cats everywhere. Right now I’m looking out my kitchen window at a cat on the fence, another is next door, and there’s one out my front porch. No idea what this means. Just an interesting difference I’ve noticed.

El Paso De Robles

As excited as I am to be in Paso, it’s harvest! Most people here are too busy to talk or respond to calls and emails. What to do…. What to do…Maybe pursue dessert winemakers who have a later harvest. Paso’s got a few I like. I tasted a delicious dessert wine at the LA Wine Fest called Roxo. And I had dinner at a lovely restaurant called Artisan that has a delightful dessert wine called Paso Port, like a play on passport.

Goose is Loose

Driving out of the horse ranch I’d called home for a few months, I wanted to say goodbye to my latest favorite pet. It was a beautiful morning and I felt like getting out of the car to savor the moment as one I will always remember. I thought Goose’s horse should know how much I’d enjoyed our chats and how special it feels to encounter such a gracious creature. But she had her back to me and lifted her tail. No picture needed.

Off to San Francisco to pour for Hitching Post at the Family Winemakers fest at Fort Mason. Then, Paso Robles for a spell, which I’m sure the networks that wield Giants baseball broadcasts with an iron fist will consider Nor Cal.