Paso Port

By the name, one might assume they only do port wines; but they also have delicious wines that are ideal for before dessert. Since they grow the unique varietals from Portugal and Spain, they also make unique wines out of these varietals like Albarino and Tempranillo.

Their pale yellow crisp Albarino is perfect for hearty foods like pasta, chicken or seafood even in rich sauces. The ripe flavor in this wine hangs with you and the body lingers. The nice acidity clears your palate of any food that’s too rich. But, let’s face it, is there such a thing as too rich?

Their Tempranillo blend is perfect for smoky rich red meats in any succulent sauce. Then all the different styles of port are fun to try. They’ve got everything from a liquid cotton candy to a smoldering smoky dark chocolate bomb.

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