Graveyard Vineyards

If you find yourself on Paso’s east side of the 101, check out Graveyard Vineyards. They start the tasting with a Grenache Blanc, which is known for its sweetness, but theirs has more tart crisp acidity than sugar. A nice minerality makes this white wine a lovely sipper for just about any food. Next, they serve two rose wines with very different personalities. One rose has tight acidity and the other has plenty of minerality and a slight smokey flavor. Their red blend has a balance of bright cherry and dark berry flavors with a vanilla fragrance. A Tempranillo is also worth trying with a brilliant nose of fresh plum.

But the reason to venture this direction is to try their chocolate port. It starts with a hint of raspberry chocolate that is dark and not overly sweet. They are also one of the few wineries in the area with a cream sherry, which is also worth a taste. Its label is what draws you in but its flavor is what you remember. From far away, this label resembles a skull but get up close and you’ll see it is a woman gazing in a mirror.

Graveyard Cream Sherry

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