Monthly Archives: September 2012

Paso Good Eats

Been here almost 3 weeks and have yet to eat at the same place twice. That may not sound like much but I eat almost all my meals out, since I only have a short period of time to soak in this city’s culinary treasures. But I keep dying to go back to the places that just know how to do something really well. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Best Tea and Scones: Amsterdam
  • Best Arugula Salad: Roberts
  • Best Soups and Salads: Odyssey World Café
  • Best Tapas and Kale Chips: Fe nom e nal
  • Best Wild Boar Pappardelle: Il Cortile
  • Best Al Pastor Taco: Los Robles (also order the avocado salsa)
  • Best Short Ribs:  Villa Creek (actually, Villa Creek pretty much has the best everything including cocktails and friendly happy staff)

Paso Cottages

If nobody’s told you yet, let me be the first. Pilates is dead in Paso. My legs are returning to their normal unflattering shape. So, I’ve taken up hiking. I’m staying on the West Side of town, which backs up against a pretty huge canyon. Peachy Canyon I believe it’s called.

On my hikes through the neighborhood, I pass the cutest little cottages. Each one uniquely different in it’s style and form. I don’t know if they are craftsman style, bungalows, some may even be Victorian. But I’ll call them cottages because they probably represent many different eras. Here’s a few of the ones I like to pretend I could own.


Another interesting observation that is characteristic of this area is what people buy to cover their cars. I don’t know if this canopy is protecting the care from the sun or the messy tree above it. But car hoodies like this are all over town. I wonder if it gets so hot people can’t even open their car doors.

Heating It

Don’t know what it was like in the summer. I probably picked the best time of year to be in Paso. It’s been lovely. Bright and sunny every morning but not too hot for a hike before noon. Midday gets warm. But I just stay in and love to go for a stroll to dinner at night. It’s perfectly temperate from about 5:00 on into the evening.

Oh Deer

Last night, I was walking home from dinner and thought I saw my first dog about a half block ahead on the sidewalk but it turned out to be a deer. Yes, a deer was right there on the sidewalk in the middle of a block of residential cottages. I hear they are in search of roses to eat.

Pilates Please

Someone could really make a killing opening a cute clean pilates studio right in downtown Paso. Nothing similar is here. As a matter of fact, there doesn’t appear to be any workout spots at all in downtown Paso. I don’t even care if you don’t give me credit for the business idea. Please, steal my idea and open a pilates studio!

Il Cortile

I absolutely must find out how they make their pappardelle with wild boar. They toss buttery warm rich fresh pasta in saucy goodness. It can’t be too hard to reverse engineer because I was able to get most of the ingredients out of the waiter. I had to tell him I was allergic to mushrooms and seafood, which is totally true except for the allergy part. So, I’m pretty sure the sauce doesn’t get its richness from the shroom family. And I remember being excited because the sauce was a reduction of some kind of wine. I just need to go back and figure out what kind of wine…or fake another food aversion.

It’s not like I’m going to try to make it at home. The pasta was made fresh. What home chef has that much time!?