Monthly Archives: August 2012


Turned on the TV to watch the Giants and I no longer receive that channel. So, I ventured out to a sports bar. But they were also not able to get the game on their service. Went to a few more sports bars, hoping it was just DirectTV but got the same results everywhere I went. People were kind enough to check but the game’s been blacked out here.

I know I know I should be focusing on wine. Forget about the Giants. I just got myself an extra 3 hours.

Good Goose

People are so friendly here. It’s not just the friendliness that comes with a small town. Healdsburg was much smaller than San Francisco yet had a very different feel than Santa Ynez. People wave as you drive by. If you’re walking, strangers say “hi” as you cross paths. The sweet woman who owns my guest house brought me a baked potato. Can’t figure out what made it taste so good. Maybe she uses paprika or some spice. I’ll have to ask her what her secret is.