Monthly Archives: August 2012

Pilates Plan

Discovered my fave pilates studio in California so far. It’s got beautiful newly refurbished hardwood floors, the best reformer machines, and a great location in walking distance to everything in Los Olivos. I bought 10 sessions for a discount without even knowing how thorough and attentive the instructor is. She’s terrific! Each session she focuses on a different part of the body but she still keeps it well distributed. She’ll push and challenge you while carefully making sure you don’t push too hard. I’m going to get my ass in shape and I’m confident Jeanine is going to help me do it.

Mattei’s Tavern

Anyone else miss Matteis’ Tavern? The Nichols brothers who are behind the delicious food at Matteis’ Tavern are renovating two separate establishments. The first one has opened in Los Olivos: Sides Hardware and Shoes. Next one to open is the old Red Barn in Santa Ynez. The word on the street is that will take a bit longer to open. Hopefully, it will be serving food when I return in December. I sure miss their filet mignon with wine sauce and cheese, steak taco night, and medley of fresh baked breads.

The Range

Work is diligently being completed on a new pub in town that will host a country radio station. I say diligent because they were working all weekend and I’ve heard they sold out tickets for their first concert on August 10. So, there’s no missing any deadlines.

I’m so excited to be here for its opening! Not only because it’s a new venue and the music agenda sounds fun but I’ve heard their menu includes my absolute favorite food: barbecue pulled pork. The music scene will undoubtedly draw a crowd. I have no idea what this crowd will be like but very interested in meeting them. Let’s hope they can still find me a table without much of a wait. I do not miss living in an overcrowded city.


Turned on the TV to watch the Giants and I no longer receive that channel. So, I ventured out to a sports bar. But they were also not able to get the game on their service. Went to a few more sports bars, hoping it was just DirectTV but got the same results everywhere I went. People were kind enough to check but the game’s been blacked out here.

I know I know I should be focusing on wine. Forget about the Giants. I just got myself an extra 3 hours.

Good Goose

People are so friendly here. It’s not just the friendliness that comes with a small town. Healdsburg was much smaller than San Francisco yet had a very different feel than Santa Ynez. People wave as you drive by. If you’re walking, strangers say “hi” as you cross paths. The sweet woman who owns my guest house brought me a baked potato. Can’t figure out what made it taste so good. Maybe she uses paprika or some spice. I’ll have to ask her what her secret is.