Scott Cellars

His name ain’t Scott but he sure knows how to do a few things right. First, he does a simple yet powerful food pairings with his wines. He will introduce you to oils and cheeses you may never have encountered before and cannot pronounce. Second, he approaches winemaking like a rock star; doing things a little differently, he will make you think differently about wine.

When he gets Sangiovese grapes, he doesn’t just make a great Sangiovese. He makes two that represent different styles. Instead of boring you with the deets of exactly how they’re different, he’ll bottom line it for ya, saying one is a Pinot Noir style Sangiovese and the other is a Zinfandel lover’s Sangiovese. Either way, he can make you fall in love with Sangiovese… or at least in lust. I love them both.

He tells it to you strait and has fun with it so his wines reflect that character. They all have wonderfully keen typicity. If a wine is going in its own direction, he doesn’t coax into conformity. He won’t even call a high alcohol jug a hot wine. He believes it is more disingenuous to change a brazen wine than to just let her be the liquid panty remover she is.

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