Rare is it that one gets to meet a winemaker who is also a chef. Even more seldom does one get to meet someone making Amarone right here in California. Can you even say Amarone? It’s a rich rare Italian wine made from the grapes halfway to becoming raisins. But what’s even more remarkable about Fabiano Ramaci is the zest with which he approaches everything he does.

Most people who decide to make wine, buy grapes or a vineyard. Tall order! But, Ramaci got valuable cuttings and planted them in his backyard. When he barbecues, he gets his heat from vine trimmings. Instead of a label, his wife hand paints every bottle. What’s not to love about such passionate practices!?

I have no idea what his future plans are but I’m sure they will be epic. He is clearly one to watch. I plan to stay in touch. What I would give to watch him cook. If he gives me the chance, I’ll be sure to record and post a vid.

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