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Healdsburg Hospitality

A woman I met at pilates hooked me up with some winemakers she knows. SWEET. It took almost no prodding from me either. We were just chatting after class and, naturally, where I was from and what I’m doing here came up in conversation. People jump at the chance to help.

The Wurst

Had to work all weekend so I threw on some sweats to take a break and tried a new place for lunch: The Wurst Sausage Grill & Beer Garden. Gotta love the name! The best part of The Wurst is they had the Giants game on (with audio) and gave me free ice cream for wearing a Giants tank top.

Actually, that’s not the best part. The best part is they source their meat from local farms who have 100% grass fed beef and it is juicy delicious. No, the best part is the dippers. I couldn’t decide between curry or jalapeno ketchup so I had both. OK, the best best part is I forgot my troubles and had a really good time. I can’t wait to go back.


I know it’s a bit early to say this but I think Portalupi is my favorite place to taste wine in Healdsburg. Strollable to all the action in downtown Healdsburg, Portalupi is a spot you want to return to again and again. The tasting room is like a lounge where you can relax on velvet sofas and savor your tasting. Jane and Tim, a husband and wife winemaking team, are entertaining hosts taking you through their local lineup of delicious wines that embrace their Italian heritage. Their lineup is like a good Italian meal; it begins with a light crisp chilled white blend that whets your appetite, a few velvety rich reds fill your mouth, and a sweet bold port tops it off. You leave feeling well fed and relaxed.

Taste of Healdsburg

Three weeks here and I am still trying a new restaurant every night. I figure, if I eat somewhere new each night, I’ll meet a new set of people. Yesterday, I had dinner next to a lawyer who grew up here and has seen the town change drastically in that time. Shops, hotels, and restaurants replaced orchards and barns. His eyes lit up telling stories of childhood days on the Russian River. Good thing that’s not going anywhere.

If it were not for pilates 3 times a week, I would not be able to do all this eating out. But the studio I chose based on price and location does not give you the killer workout. They only offer mat classes—no reformer machines. So, they are a lot like yoga. A few instructors even incorporate yoga into their pilates classes so they should really call them yolates or piloga.

Best Breakfast

Woke up craving biscuits and gravy and, no idea why, but I just knew this place would have it. The Singletree Inn Café was recommended by the owners of the cottage I’m renting and it hit the spot. It’s plain and simple, just a bit off the Plaza, and not the wine country breakfast experience visitors might want. But, the locals know, when it comes to a tasty country breakfast, tangy barbecue, and salty spicy home fries, this is it.

Hello Healdsburg!

Every time I visited Healdsburg, I fantasized about living there. Beautiful cottages line the streets surrounding the square that shape the quaint neighborhood. At the center, the plaza brings the community together and beckons you to join year round events. It was an ideal destination to begin my gypsy lifestyle. It’s also pretty close to home, should I forget anything and, while it is very different than a cosmopolitan city like San Francisco, it is pretty populated and appears to have everything.

Got a cute cottage walkable to the Healdsburg Plaza! It’s unfurnished but the owners have filled the kitchen with all I need for my 6 week stay here. I won’t miss TV as long as I can watch the Giants while I’m having dinner at a local pub, which is also a great way to meet the locals. The neighborhood has plenty of beautiful paths for a run or hike and pilates is just a 2 block walk from home base. I’m set!